Safety door

Safety door

Accessibility and quality

Owing to long lasting experience, constant monitoring of the market demands and continuous quality control, we are able to offer safety front door which will satisfy the needs of the buyers and provide them peaceful sleep.

Wide offer of Mexican Doors safety door makes them affordable to everybody. Cheaper models satisfy basic criteria of the buyers relating to safety and functionality of the door. More expensive models with reinforced steel metals, additional locks and greater door thickness, will offer additional safety to more demanding buyers.


Safety door is not a subject of any deformations and its functionality is guaranteed for many years. Inner part of the door is filled with thermal and acoustic insulation. The door is painted in white or sheeted with high quality PVC foil in wood color which is smell free and not harmful for health. Lifetime of the cylinder is very long and it covers over 30.000 locking. Mexican Doors door has world certificate for quality and safety.

Guarantee period for all safety door is 26 months with possibility for expanding when it is agreed with authorized service.

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