Garage door

Garage door


Garage door, being the most movable part of your house, makes your home more attractive. We offer you top look with maximal functionality. Beside great design this door is made to last for years and at the same time it is light and firm. The door is designed with the aim to save up the space. It is lifted vertically under the ceiling, leaving the space in front and behind it empty. The door is balanced by torsion springs what makes it easy for manual lifting. Great flexibility during installation means that it is possible to put this type of door in any kind of hole. The door is made in accordance to the measures of your hole.

We will help you to make the right choice of the doors and to find corresponding way of opening, adjusted to your needs and demands.


Panel garage door is made of panels of 4 cm thickness. Panels are factory filled with polyurethane, free of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) according to international standards. Sealing rubber frames are put around the door.

We offer two kinds of panels: line model and cassette model. White color is used most often, but they are made in other colors according to RAL chart.

Our garage door is thermally insulated.

Additional options

  • Windows – ventilation grills – In case more daily light is needed in garage, we offer you more kinds of windows. Quantity meets your demands. You can also choose various window decorations. If you do not have natural air source in your garage ventilation grills are perfect solution.
  • Door inside door – In places where a lot of pedestrians pass, for energy saving, it is not necessary to lift the whole door, it is possible to build-in integrated door for pedestrians’ passing.
  • Automatics – Every door can be moved manually very easily, but we offer and recommend you remote control. Using our services you do not have to leave your car to open your garage door.


  • Silent opening and closing of the door
  • Manual moving of the door
  • Possibility of parking right in front of the door
  • Possibility of opening from your car or house
  • Reaching the obstacle the door moves back

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