Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency


We can offer you subsidized loans for your windows and doors change with quality ALU and PVC windows, with guarantee and high energy efficiency.

What is energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency is a product of planned and taken measures aimed to use minimum possible energy amount. Simply said, energy efficiency is less use of energy for doing the same job, i.e. function (heating or cooling of space, lightening, product producing, etc.)

Energy efficiency in constructing effects reducing the use of all forms of energy, more comfortable and better quality staying in space – house or building, prolonging the lifetime of the structure but it also contributes to environment protection and reducing harmful gases emission.

In the coming period energy price will rise under the conditions of global and local reasons, what will lead to increasing of life and living expenses. The most important thing for the final user is that energy efficiency of the structure will significantly reduce costs of heating, cooling and electric energy.

In accordance to directives from EU, whose member Serbia is to become in the following period, all structures in constructing, selling or renting process will be certificated and exposed to all clients interested. In other words – they will get their “energy passports”.

Introducing energy passports will enable structures to raise their price additionally while the price of the structures with low energy level will significantly fall.

What are benefits of changing old windows by new energy efficient ones?

  • Energy losses are reduced so the invested money is coming back in a few years in the form of smaller monthly bills for heating and cooling
  • Living comfort increases (there is no draught, noise and moist)
  • The real estate value itself is increased
  • Penetration of harmful UV radiation through glass reduces
  • Greenhouse gases release to atmosphere reduces
  • Lifetime of the structure is prolonged

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